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Boiler installation based in Blackpool

Upgrade Your Home's Comfort with Rick Slattery Boiler Installations

A reliable and efficient boiler is fundamental to a warm and comfortable home environment. At Rick Slattery Plumbing & Heating, we offer expert boiler installation services across Blackpool, Wyre, and Fylde.

Boiler repair

Experienced and Qualified

Our team boasts extensive experience in boiler installations and holds the highest qualifications for your peace of mind. We are Gas Safe registered, ensuring all work adheres to the strictest safety standards. We are also proud to be trusted partners with leading boiler manufacturers like Baxi and ATAG, allowing us to offer expert installation for their products.

Extended Warranties

One of the primary advantages of our ATAG and Baxi accreditations is the extended warranty options we can offer. By choosing Rick Slattery for your boiler installation, you can benefit from warranties lasting up to 18 years, depending on the specific boiler model and chosen warranty package. This provides unparalleled peace of mind, knowing your boiler is covered for a significantly longer period compared to standard warranties.

Expert Installation and Support

Our accreditations ensure our engineers receive comprehensive training and support directly from ATAG and Baxi. This translates to:

  • In-depth knowledge of specific ATAG and Baxi models: Our engineers possess a deep understanding of the intricacies of these boilers, allowing for a seamless and efficient installation process tailored to each model's specifications.
  • Access to technical expertise and resources: We have direct access to the latest technical information and support from ATAG and Baxi, ensuring we stay updated on best practices and can effectively address any potential issues that may arise.

Confidence and Trust

Choosing an ATAG and Baxi Accredited installer like Rick Slattery Plumbing & Heating provides an extra layer of confidence and trust. It demonstrates our commitment to:

  • Meeting the high standards set by these leading manufacturers.
  • Providing exceptional customer service and exceeding expectations.
  • Delivering long-lasting value through expert installations and extended warranties.

By partnering with accredited installers like Rick Slattery, you can be assured of a professional and reliable boiler installation experience, along with the extended peace of mind offered by extended warranties.

Tailored Solutions for Your Needs

Our comprehensive approach ensures we find the perfect boiler solution for your home. We consider factors like:

  • Property size and heating requirements: We assess your specific needs to recommend a boiler with the appropriate capacity to effectively heat your entire home.
  • Energy efficiency: We discuss your preferences for boilers and guide you based on energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Budget and brand preferences: We offer a wide range of boilers from reputable brands to fit your budget and preferences.

Seamless Boiler Installation Process

Once you've chosen the ideal boiler, our team takes care of the entire installation process:

  • Pre-installation survey: We visit your home to assess the feasibility and requirements for the installation.
  • Safe and efficient installation: Our qualified engineers meticulously install the boiler according to manufacturer guidelines and safety regulations.
  • System checks and controls demonstration: We thoroughly test the system and ensure it functions optimally. We also provide a comprehensive demonstration of boiler controls and maintenance practices.
  • Waste removal and clean-up: We leave your home clean and tidy, disposing of all installation-related waste responsibly.

Benefits of Choosing Rick Slattery Plumbing & Heating

  • Experienced and Gas Safe registered engineers
  • Expert knowledge of various boiler types and brands
  • Tailored recommendations based on your specific needs
  • Seamless and efficient installation process
  • Competitive pricing and upfront quotes
  • Commitment to exceeding customer expectations

Invest in Your Home's Comfort and Efficiency:

For a smooth and stress-free boiler installation experience in Blackpool, Wyre, and Fylde, choose Rick Slattery Plumbing & Heating. Contact us today for a free quote and consultation. Our team is eager to help you find the perfect heating solution for your home. You're also more than welcome to try our website's instant boiler quote tool.

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